About Us

4S was founded in 1984 and has been involved in medical applications since start-up. Currently, we have 16 staff members, and over 300 clients in 15 countries worldwide. An estimated 500,000 patients are managed using our software.

We are based in a rural setting in the NW corner of England about one hour drive from Manchester to the South and 1 hour drive to Scotland to the North.

We are very close to the beautiful Lake District fells and lakes.Lake District

Our main products are in the medical field for decision support for managing patients with chronic diseases taking potentially dangerous medications.

We have also a keen interest in business Intelligence, data visualisation, data analysis and trend detection. See our related website - Rapid Business Intelligence Success.

Also we have developed a very large benchmarking service for our medical or clinical customers with annonymous data from over 250,000 patients and millions of measurements.

After using Tableau for a few years, it was so good that we became Tableau Reseller Partners and we have been built a base of Tableau customers  from around the World.

We can develop your tableau applications for you, sell you Tableau, provide support and help by phone, email and the internet. If we can help you in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us.

We trade under the name 4S Information Systems Ltd.

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