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How to Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Effectiveness 


Gain New Insights - Overcome the Drawbacks of Your Pathology Laboratory Software or Clinical Laboratory Information Systems or Medical Lab Software  

Analyse Pathology laboratory DataYou probably have masses of data within your laboratory information systems (LIS) but reporting and analysing is time consuming and the reports do not have the communication impact that you might want. 


Lots of LIS have data reporting and extraction tools but they do not provide the visual impact that provides you with the insights that you are looking for.  


The old adage ‘A Picture is worth a 1000 words’ is so true. Click here to see and Use Live dashboards below.


Some folks extract data into Excel and Access databases to do further analysis and prepare report presentations. This is time consuming and not very effective. 


By using Tableau Software, the cost effective analytics and data visualisation software, you can start to change all of this. Click here to read a Review of the use of Tableau Software in a Large UK Pathology Laboratory Information Department


Key Questions for Laboratory Managers – Finding Improvement Opportunities 


Here are some the key questions that laboratory managers are battling with where a good analytics and data visualisation tool could help you with 


Can you support the demands placed on you for information on clinical research, health protection, disease surveillance and the management of long-term conditions and chronic disease? 


Do you know what your laboratory turnaround times are and their impact on patients?


Can you find the trends and outliers in your service quality – error rates, productivity, and costs such that you can find improvement opportunities?


How to keep customers by working collaboratively with them?


The question is how can you answer them readily from the masses of data you have...tabular reports?


The Limitations of Tabular Reports 


Information is not just tabular data but useful insights into what is happening derived from the data you have. You need to be able to spot trends, outliers, deviations, rank who or what is best or worst, correlate and compare. You need to be able to visualise your data readily. 


Here is a simple example, completely imaginary but neat laboratory report...


Laboratory Tabular Report


It is pretty hard to see what is going on without spending sometime studying the table.


Now let's visualise this table in seconds with Tableau Software


Barchart of Laboratory Tabular Report


Immediately the red colour indicates that there is an issue with haematology at Medical Practice 2. Also the lighter green shading indicates a poorer performance with Biochemistry at Medical Practice 1 at 9.11%.


Now let's look at this same data over time


Laboratory Profitability over Time Report



Let's take this further, what is trends of profitability for the practices? Here this visualisation gives the answer immediately

Laboratory Trend Graphs


Again you can see that Practice 3 and 4 profitablity is declining while Practice 1 and 2 profitability is increasing.


Finally let's look at the profitability of each laboratory section over time


Laboratory Section Profitability Trend Graphs


As you can instantly the trend lines indicate that Haematology and Microbiology % Profits are declining, but Biochemistry is increasing. Haematology has also far lower % profits than the other two sections.


So within minutes the uninteresting tabular report is transformed to give maximum impact.


Now Let's bring it all together in a simple dashboard


Please wait... Try out the two dashboards on the Tabs below and try using the Filters on the left on each dashboard - Try out the controls at the foot of the dashboard too.   Go back to top of page 


Even the best information is useless if its story is poorly told. Enhance your story by trying and using Tableau Software. There is a two week free trial available.  Try Tableau now for 14 days for FREE.

Tableau Software Trial

Whether you are in a government or private laboratory the same will apply. Click to see a PowerPoint on how Quest Diagnostics have used Tableau Note we are not connected at all with Quest Diagnostics. This information was presented at a Tableau user Group.


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