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Can I upgrade from Tableau Desktop and the dashboards and worksheets I currently have to the server product?

The Server is separate software product. You cannot create and edit dashboards and worksheets in Tableau Server. It is an information dissemination tool only. You need to create your dashboards in Tableau Desktop Professional rather than the Tableau Desktop Personal too. The Dashboards you have created in Tableau Desktop Personal can be accessed using the Professional tool. Using the Professional tool you publish your dashboards and sheets to the Server, which your clients would access using  Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox instead of using the Tableau Reader. See Tableau Server FAQ for more information.

Any Mac version in the works?

No, but Tableau has been tested and is supported with Parallels on the Mac  In fact Apple are Tableau users themselves ……please contact us for more details.

Is there some facility for “predictive analysis”, where the next month’s sales or product mix is predicted from a given set of data?

Yes on a very simple basis  - there are trend lines available with derived equations, but there is no way I know of making projections automatically

Is there a facility to “shade” (colors or gradients) countries against some measurement (turnover, margin, etc)? I can only figure out how to put the “dots” onto them.

Yes Tableau does this...please contact us

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