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Can I upgrade from Tableau Personal Desktop to the Tableau Server product?

The 'Server' is a separate product. You need to create your dashboards in Tableau Desktop Professional rather than the Tableau Desktop Personal. The Dashboards you have created can be accessed using the Professional tool. Using the Professional tool you publish your dashboards and sheets to the Server, which your clients would access using  Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox instead of using the Tableau Reader. Note Tableau Server is software not hardware as the name Server suggests.

The Server starts with 10 Interactor Users where the Users can use the filters. There is an additional  Viewer User as an option - they can only read and not  interact ( change the filters) with the dashboard.

These are Named Users not Concurrent Users. Each User can only see the Dashboards he or she is permitted to see.

If I move to the server level is it true that my clients/colleagues would no longer have a need for the Tableau Reader?

Yes see above - they would need an Interactor User to access the server.

Can the dashboards that we have already created be used after upgrading to server?

Yes but they might need some layout alteration to fit the web browser screen but they can be published to Tableau Server using Tableau Desktop Professional.

Are there other advantages of 'upgrading'?

The dashboards can be instantly updated if you are using a database to keep the base data. As the data is updated in the database your dashboards will reflect these changes. If you are doing a lot of pre manipulation of the spreadsheets and so I do not think this will be an advantage yet. May be in the future you could capture the data directly into a database?

Also it is more convenient for your clients - they can access their dashboards from anywhere where they have internet access and there no need to install the Reader,

Can you explain briefly how my different clients/colleagues would access their dashboards after a change to Tableau Server? 

They would use a Browser - e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Is there a way that I can view a dashboard that is presented through Tableau Server and as well show that example to potential clients/colleagues and allow them to experience?

Yes we would be pleased to arrange for a sample dashboard to be published to our Tableau Server.

Alternatively there is a 14 day Trial of Tableau Server available - so that you can try it within your organisation, please contact us

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