Tableau Desktop Features

Both Tableau Desktop Professional and Tableau Desktop Personal include all analysis & visualization features.


  • Answer any question with an easy drag & drop interface. 
  • Understand databases and spreadsheets of any size. 
  • Display information visually in seconds. 
  • Answer a series of questions using interactive visual analysis. 


  • Convert numbers into multi-dimensional visualizations. 
  • Look at unlimited factors simultaneously. 
  • In one click, create interactive maps. 
  • Add one factor at a time to understand its effects. 
  • Find answers using the science of information visualization.


  • Filter and zoom into data. 
  • Make on-the-fly calculations and groups. 
  • Create detailed analytical maps from your location data. 
  • Compute growth, moving averages, totals, and more. 
  • Analyze time series: Drill from years to months to seconds. 


  • Combine different databases into a single view. 
  • Highlight and filter related data across all the displays. 
  • Publish interactive dashboards to the web. 
  • Insert web pages and documents for greater explanation and insight. 
  • Create dashboards based on live data. 


  • Publish to Tableau Server to deliver web- based analytics with Desktop Professional. To view or interact, Tableau Server requires Desktop users to have Interactor or Viewer licenses.
  • Add beautiful formatting and annotations to web results.
  • Create analytic workflows to guide users through your results.
  • Export to PowerPoint, PDF and other applications.
  • Save as a packaged workbook for users of our free Reader application 

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