Review of the use of Tableau Software in a Large Pathology  Laboratory Information Department

Pathology Laboratory InformationTableau is phenomenal. It not only changes the way you handle data but also the way you perceive information. It makes you ask questions, and more importantly, it makes you want to ask questions. If you need a standard flat table report, it will give it to you. It you need a graph it will do that too, but its strength lies in not only being able to deliver your “standard” reports, but in its ability to build reports and dashboards that were too difficult or “impossible” by other methods.

The dashboards it produces can be interactive. Allowing users to filter and highlight information, to drill down to underlying data and identify problems and opportunities. Don’t however expect those glitzy dashboard gauges adorned with gaudy colour that take up valuable page or screen space but provide little or no information and are difficult to decipher. It delivers useful, informative and easily read information in plain understandable formats.


Initial cost may seem like a hurdle, but in reality it is a platform, a platform from which you can see your data in a different light. You’ll recover your initial outlay very quickly in the time you save, and the insights it gives you.


You’re never stuck for help. There is an excellent manual and on line help. The customer forum is exemplary. The Tableau community are just so helpful.


I would recommend you try it before you buy it. But remember, you’ll be disappointed and frustrated if you try and don’t buy - it’s just so useful.


Philip Keogh

Pathology Information Officer

Leeds General Infirmary, UK


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