Pivot Tables on Steroids

Are you having problems working with pivot tables to achieve what you want? Want to make quick correlations? Well here is an answer. It is very easy!

Tableau Software is the leading tool for creating visual pivot tables without any knowledge of excel pivot tables. Tableau doesn’t produce static reports, but interactive displays that let you dive into the numbers visually by dragging and dropping fields. 

Here is an example below.


 Pivot Tables example

Pivot Tables Data Items


It is easy to connect Tableau to your Excel spreadsheet or most database tables. You are then presented with a column of Dimensions and Measures as shown to the left. You then just drag and drop the items you want onto the shelfs - columns and rows as you see below.


Tableau even summarises the dates to Years,  Quarters or Months by default. You can change these of course.


 Pivot Tables Rows and Columns shelfs


You can even filter down this pivot table by using filter below 


Pivot Tables Filter




Tableau Software Trial


Also you can visualise pivot table as below. This one of Tableau's strengths "A picture is worth a 1000 numbers". Frustration free pivot tables!


Visual Pivot Tables


Tableau Software Trial


Try it for yourself ......Downloads in minutes. Get started right away.

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