Tableau Desktop Personal

Opens data from:

Excel, Access, text files, Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket, Open Data Protocol (OData) and Tableau data extracts.

File Sharing:

Creates package files for Tableau Reader

System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Server 2008, Server 2003

55 megabytes minimum free disk space

32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows**

32-bit color depth recommended

Virtual Environments:

Parallels, VMWare, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Citrix environments.*


All of Tableau’s products are Unicode enabled and compatible with data stored in any language. The user interface and supporting documentation are in English.

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*All of Tableau’s products operate in virtualized environments when they are configured with the proper underlying Windows operating system and minimum hardware requirements.

**Tableau Desktop has been tested and is supported on 64-bit Windows versions. Tableau is a 32-bit application and does require 32-bit versions of the database drivers, even when running on 64-bit versions of Windows.

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