Why You’ll Love Tableau Desktop 


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Tableau Desktop is a software application that lets anyone graphically analyze virtually any type of structured data and produce beautiful charts, graphs and reports in just minutes.

Connect to virtually any data source and display information in multiple graphic perspectives. Based on a software breakthrough from Stanford University, you’ll work faster than ever before. Your colleagues will wonder how you figured out so much so fast.

Management will think you’re a genius for your clever insights.

And you will love your new-found freedom.  

  • Makes data analysis a breeze. An effortless drag and drop interface. 
  • Fits into your world. Works with a variety of data files and databases. 
  • Scales to large data sets. Work with an enormous amount of data. 
  • Offers free training. On-Demand video training. 

There are two versions of Desktop - Professional and Personal. See also Tableau Desktop FAQ

Downloads in minutes. Get started right away.

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Click Here for the System requirements for Tableau Personal Desktop

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