Why You’ll Love Tableau Server

Tableau Server is a software application that makes sharing live, interactive data visualisations, dashboards, reports and workbooks from Tableau Desktop fast and easy using a web browser.

It deploys in minutes, and it’s easy to maintain. It is an effective method to publish data to be consumed with a web browser. You can embed Tableau views in other web apps such as Microsoft Sharepoint. Securely distribute analytic information providing dynamic filtering of data based upon the viewer’s role.

Users can publish and collaborate via a web browser. Or embed Tableau views in other web applications.

Business users can produce thousands of reports without the need of IT…and all within your IT infrastructure. People with Tableau Interactor licenses can interact, filter, sort and customise views. People with Tableau Viewer licenses can see and monitor views as published. Your company will be up and running in minutes - and your group will be sharing and collaborating like never before.

  • Fast web analytics.Put live interactive analytics on the web in seconds. 
  • Scales to large data sets.Work with an enormous amount of data. 
  • Replace or give life to your BI platform.Replace your BI platform completely, or run Tableau in parallel with your current system. End BI Bloat! 
  • Built to suit different kinds of users.Provide Interactor licenses to people who want to interact and customise the views. Provide Viewer licenses to people who just want to view and monitor. 
  • Free training.On-Demand video training. 

 Tableau Server Summary and Technical Requirements

  • Delivers web-based analytics from any workbook created by Tableau Professional 
  • Delivered as a complete solution, no other prerequisite software required 
  • Connects to all Tableau supported data sources, including relational databases, multi-dimensional databases and desktop files 
  • Publish content to the server from Tableau Professional 
  • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008, Server 2003 sp1 or higher, 7, Vista, or XP sp3 or higher (see note 2). Compatible with 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows (see note 1). 
  • Supports access from Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.x and higher, Google Chrome and Apple Safari 3.x. 
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory, in addition to the built-in Tableau user system, for user authentication and group membership definitions 
  • Dual-core, 1.8 GHz or higher minimum recommended CPU 
  • 2 gigabytes minimum system memory 
  • 500 megabytes minimum free disk space 
  • 32-bit color depth recommended 

Tableau Server Data Sources

  • Firebird 2.0 or later
  • Hyperion Essbase 7x and System 9 or later
  • IBM DB2 8.0 or later (running on pSeries or xSeries)
  • Microsoft Access 2000 or later
  • Microsoft Analysis Services 2000, 2005, or 2008
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or later
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, or 2008
  • MySQL 3.23 or later
  • Netezza release 3 or later (requires Netezza ODBC driver version 3.1.4 or later)
  • Oracle 9i or later
  • PostgreSQL 7.0 or later
  • Teradata 6 or later
  • Text files, comma delimited format
  • Vertica 2.2.0 or later


All of Tableau’s products are Unicode enabled and compatible with data stored in any language. The user interface and supporting documentation are in English.

Virtualized Environments

All of Tableau’s products operate in virtualized environments when they are configured with the proper underlying Windows operating system and minimum hardware requirements. These virtualization solutions include VMWare, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Citrix environments.


1) Tableau has been tested and is supported on 64-bit Windows versions. Tableau is a 32-bit application and does require 32-bit versions of the database drivers, even when running on 64-bit versions of Windows. 2) Before installing the Tableau Server on your Windows Vista or XP desktop, Tableau recommends that you consult any applicable license agreements that may restrict or otherwise limit your ability to install server applications on your desktop operating system.

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