Tableau Software Version 6 - New Features

From the speed of the Data Engine to the I-can't-believe-it ease of Data Blending, Tableau 6.0 will change what you can accomplish with data. And with more than 60 new features including beautiful combination charts and page trails, it's a new approach to business intelligence. Rapid-fire business intelligence.

Fast in Every Way - Fast data in one click

Fast in Every Way
Blazing Speed
Direct Connect AND In-Memory
One-Click to Data Engine
Architecture-Aware In Memory
Custom Value List
Drag & Drop to Count Dimensions
Skip Instead of Cancel
Control Automatic Updates
New Data Source: Aster Data

Data Blending

Filter Across Data Sources
Calculate Across Data Sources
Add Context
Normalize Data
Enhance Data Model with Groups
Windows Azure DataMarket
New Data Connection: OData
Local PowerPivot Connectivity

Calcs and Parameters

Parameters: What-if Modeling
Parameters: Select Display Fields
Parameters: Indexing
Relational Hierarchies
Hierarchies: Drill Down on Maps
Add Comments for Fields
Formula Editor Improvements
Calculations Across a Window
Group by a Calculation
Calculations: Reference Dates
Calcs: Difference from Average
Calcs: Multi-Pass Aggregation

Visual Analytics

Mark History
Mark History: Motion Charts
Mark History: Paths on a Map
Mark History: Accumulation
Tabbed Views in Server
Page Card on Tableau Server
Combo Charts: Bar-Line
Different Levels of Aggregation
Candlestick Charts
Toggle Mark Labels from Toolbar
Show Labels from Marks Card
Automatic Axes Excluding Zero
Cubes: Trendlines and Attributes

Scale & Performance 

Faster Rendering
Reduced Latency on Server
Faster Initial View Loading
Faster Publish
Improved Overall Scalability

Server Manageability

Project View
Managing Large User Groups
Search for Users on Server
Add Users to "Shopping Cart"
New Content Administrator Role
Database Cache Control
Improved Administrator Views
Other Improvements


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Click Here for the System requirements for Tableau Professional Desktop

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