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Creating trend graphs is a really very easy with Tableau software. You can readily incorporate then into your dashboards and filter the data readily  


Trend Software Example with Correlations


Here is an example of trend software depicting hurricane trends developed in Tableau software.


It uses moving averages (very easily created Tableau) to smooth the variation between years and superimposes a trend line.


The two graphs shown below can be displayed on a dashboard, one above the other, such that you can see the correlation between hurricane power and sea temperature. Footnotes with explanations are easily added in Tableau as well as annotations.



Trend Software depicting Hurricane Trends


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Sparkline Trend lines


Here is another example of trend analysis using tableau and the concept of a sparkline.




The left-hand side shows the sparklines for various fruit sales. As the line moves above the target it turns green and below turns red. The right -hand plot shows the cumulative position for this year. As you can see bananas are in trouble!


As you can see bananas are in trouble as sales are dropping. As it goes below target the sparkline turns red.


The beauty of sparklines is that they occupy a very small space but yet give maximum information...just what is needed for a dashboard where space is usually limited.


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Trend Analysis Example with Events


Finally here is another example which could be a component in a dashboard. Creating the recession periods is very easy indeed.


Trend software showing G7 inductrial production trends


To create the shaded recession lines you add reference lines to the graph which is extremely easy. This facility is very useful as you can tie up events e.g. recessions, product launches, with the numerical trends.


This allows you examine and correlate the effect of events which often have a lag effect e.g. have an impact long after the event as it takes time for the effect to work through to your business.


 Presenting trends in Tableau is a delight!


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