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Dashboards for allTableau delivers a software suite that makes data visualisation and visual analysis fast and easy. It displays information from multiple sources and perspectives simultaneously and in countless relevant ways. For example, it's easy to: 
  • build dashboards
  • visualize your data - a picture is worth a 1000 words
  • spot trends
  • publish analytics to the web and share data
  • identify outliers 
  • superimpose your data on maps 

The presentation quality of Tableau is also superb! You will really enjoy using Tableau and you will impress your colleagues and bosses, besides help improve your organisation. You don't need experts to use Tableau.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader and Tableau Server answer deep questions and make it quick work to create and share dashboards with colleagues. For example, stunning Microsoft Excel dashboards can readily be created. 

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Fall in Love with Tableau Software. It's Easy!

Unlike other stubborn and complex business intelligence (BI) technologies Tableau focuses on visualisation of data. It makes the conversion of complex data stored in spreadsheets, databases or data warehouses into beautiful interactive dashboards quick and simple.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader and Tableau Server answer deep questions and make it quick work to share dashboards with colleagues.   

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Why Buy It?

Who Loves Tableau

Tableau has brought visual analysis to leading companies from nearly every industry -- multinationals and governments to small enterprises.


Tableau products are in use today by business intelligence professionals, marketers, analysts, finance departments, strategic planners, sales departments, healthcare professionals, supply-chain specialists, national security specialists, engineers, scientists, social scientists, managers and executives around the world.


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  What does Tableau do to help you Fall in Love?      

Tableau DashboardCreate Dashboards. Build dashboards that track performance against goals. Combine different databases into a single view. Use live data, so you never have to repeat the same analysis. Link and filter all the displays simultaneously

See and Understand - People need effective layouts of data to understand results, discover relationships, find patterns, locate outliers, uncover structure and summarise findings. How well can you see what is going on in your business or organisation?


Tableau lets you flip through hundreds of views of your databases in minutes. These views are fundamentally more useful for analysis than those provided by pre-canned reports and traditional dashboards.


Tableau gives you interactive visual tables, picture-perfect data displays, side-by-side comparisons and graphic encodings using color, sise and shape. Without any programming or training, users can see and understand databases like they have never been able to before.


Pivot and Refine -    Tableau is a system in which problem solving occurs in a tightly knit cycle of visual analysis. With no training, users can conduct fluid "Q&A" sessions with data. They simply point Tableau to a database and start building drag & drop views of data.


A first view not only provides an insight (for example, "Costs are increasing."), but also suggests additional questions (for example, "Which products or services are responsible for the increase?"). Users can immediately pivot the first view to reveal the answer to the second question. The true value of Tableau is that it helps people navigate a series of questions and answers using an insightful interface.


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Isolate and Extract -     What if you could dive into databases and unearth hidden gems in seconds? The outliers? The hidden clusters? Tableau users quickly uncover the "ah-ha" findings behind summaries and trends, because they can drill down, identify useful groups of information, and extract exactly the groups they want (e.g., a group of highly profitable customers; or bottlenecks in a process). Interesting groups of information stand out clearly when you adopt visual analysis. Even better, once you locate items of interest, you can select the data and export it to other applications with a few mouse clicks. You can use maps and hyperlinks to web pages too.


Browse and Explore -   Tableau is the world's leading exploratory browser for databases. A key productivity pattern in the analysis process is the ability to start with "big picture" summaries of data and then quickly focus on detailed areas of interest.

To conduct effective analysis, it is crucial for people to quickly change what data they are viewing and how it is being viewed. Tableau's flexible interface enables this free form exploration. Exploratory analysis is further supported with unlimited undo and redo, allowing people to surf their databases much like they surf the Web.


Query and Summarise -   No knowledge of SQL needed - Tableau accomplishes so much because it's an interactive query and analysis front-end for databases. Does Tableau connect to relational databases and files? Yes it does. Does Tableau connect to large OLAP data warehouses? Yes it does. With no knowledge of query languages like SQL or MDX, business people can produce analyses and reports that tap the value of their data.


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Monitor and Measure - Use Tableau to build analytical dashboards that compare information and track performance against goals. These dashboards can be based on multiple data sources. And they are fully interactive, allowing you to drill into and explore information directly from the dashboard. You can also apply common filters to all of the worksheets, allowing you to change the filter and watch an array of visual displays update simultaneously.

 Tableau map

 Publish and Present - Imagine pasting Tableau's vivid multi-dimensional results into Web pages or Microsoft Office applications and sharing them with others. Our users have a reputation for producing high-impact presentations that are easy to understand. If you believe in presenting fantastic visual summaries of data, Tableau is a crucial addition for your toolset.




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