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  • Tableau delivers a software suite that makes data visualisation and visual analysis fast and easy. Dashboards are readily created too.
  • Trend lines software using moving averages. One of the many features Tableau Software makes easy with a few clicks.
  • Using the Balanced Scorecard, businesses create a holistic view of the whole of their business, developing specific measures or indicators which describe and communicate their strategies. Create one using Tableau.
  • Tableau software is like having Pivot Tables on Steriods!
  • Sparklines lines are a brilliant way of showing the trend in a small space on a infomation dashboard.
  • No need for a SQL Tutorial or SQL help or Learn SQL - if wish to access your own data held in a database by SQL and are struggling - Tableau is a solution - it's so easy.
  • Gain New Insights from your Pathology Laboratory Data - Overcome the Drawbacks of Pathology or Clinical Laboratory Information Systems
  • Experience of using Tableau to produce pathology laboratory information in a large UK Pathology Department